Identity politics dominate cross-cultural exchanges worldwide. It is normal to reduce them to left and right factions or to us and them constructions. A common result is a withering merry-go-round based on opposing beliefs. But like the merry-go-round there are mechanics that we can learn from and be less triggered by what the spin seems to be showing us. We all behave within our tribal affiliations and according to related perceptional frames. However knowing how this works gives us actionable choices.

Artivism is a blend of the words art and activism. Consequently, as a culturist, artist and musician connecting with social issues is imperative. Creating art and designing are a great ways to externalize complex processes. It helps us to get to where we need to go.

The culturist also maintains a relationship with the earth, plants and animal. Terraforming is a design approach that describes how I build sustainable gardens, propagate food forests and remediate deteriorated landscapes. As a teacher, I assume responsibility for making these projects instructive and show how they draw from permaculture, syntropy and other ecological principles .