Background: How did I get here?

Equality for all? Yes, but we will have to work on it.  The inspiration didn't come by chance.  Mark Damon Harvey, of Black and Native heritage, grew up in a Black Feminist household and witnessed the first Black Revolt of the 20th century in Watts, California. Two years later, his  new school district in Altadena, Calfiornia was the first nationwide to institutionalize a desegregation plan. During the two years to follow, "Race riots"  were the order of the day.

Almost upon arriving in Zurich in 1980 the Youth Riots in Zurich began to take place... The experiences with marginalization significantly shaped the perspectives that he has today.

Although not absolutely in this order, he can celebrate the  following stations in his life:

  • Education: Economics, MBA, Swiss BA in Education

  • IT, Knowledge- and Project Management

  • Corporate Identity und Design, voice-overs

  • Teacher for seminars, in the public school system and for juvenile delinquents  in a correctional institution

  • Knowledgemanagement for Development Cooperation

  • Men's Issues and counselling, former founding boardmember in mä

  • Mediation, cultural and gender dispute resolution