Based in Switzerland since 1980, I have taught at all educational levels, coached and consulted extensively. My social bent is, among others, drawn from my upbringing in a Black feminist household and related themes. Personal experiences such as witnessing the Watts' Uprising in 1965 and involvement in the first forced integration program in the US in Pasadena, California have also shaped my world view.

After a long stint in IT, I became a senior knowledge management consultant also in development cooperation and led projects for Black diaspora in Zurich.  While working as a social counselor in a home for delinquenrts, I became one of the founding members of mä, the umbrella association for men's associations in Switzerland. Later, intersectional concepts inspired me to co-found FAT (Femme Artist Table), the leading network for women* in arts

in Switzerland. FAT organizes the now yearly FATart art fair for women* in arts (the ony one in Europe!) in Schaffhausen. On the organization committee of the Zukunftsarchiv, I am coordinating with various stakeholders  to produce exhibitions that aesthetically document the concerns of non-binary genders and the intersection of social and cultural strata.

I also participate/consult in terraforming, as well as in medicinal and permaculture-inspired, self-sufficiency garden projects in the Casamance, Senegal and in Switzerland. Relatedly, I am presently co-staging tree-planting projects in Senegal. I am working with Artemisia, Lambsquarters, Moringa and Africa Rice. Lastly, my mixed media art combines elements taken from Complex System Theory,  African Power Figures / Objets Forts,  textile design, photography, collages, music and mash-ups.