Consulting, Coaching and Workshops


As a culturist at large my aim is to:

  1. help people understand what innate tribalistic mechanisms inform our collective behavior

  2. show people how  this knowledge can be transformed into constructive interventions that avoid shame and blame constellations

  3. empower people to use what they have learned, expand upon it and help others to do the same


As a culturist working with natural systems, I am to partnering to compose perennial, medicinal and edible landscapes that are reasonably manageable, aesthetically pleasing to behold and ecologically responsible. 

As an artist, I am inspired by all of the above and seek out platforms and networks for realizations.

The Toolshed

Intersectionality describes an expanded, productive perspective when confronted with culture and gender issues. Derived interventions put this knowledge into practice. For example, art institutions are now under severe scrutiny and must face the challenges of cultural change and identity politics.

The question for them, as well as other organizations that find themselves in this situation is 1) how to get out of trouble and 2) how to stay out of trouble. I had already devoted much of my life to the converging themes of art and multiculturality before #metoo became headlines and co-founded FAT.

My aim is to help people not only make sense of the developments but to learn how to compose inclusive strategies. To this end, I have decided to provide a series of information sheets on the blog page of this website, as well as showcase  other complementary components.

Kursbeschreibung: Unconscious Bias & Transcultural Competence